Monday, April 16, 2007

What I like(d) and dislike about the NBA

Everyone has their own opinion on each thing in this world. You might love something very much but something else might just don't care about it. And there is also something that everyone seems to like but you just don't have the vibe for it. So even though I love basketball and is one of the biggest NBA fans, there are still somthing in the NBA that I don't like.

Lets begin with What I like(d) about the NBA
10. Marc Cuban-I was going to list a group of my favourite players in the lower part of this list together, but decided to only list Yao Ming and Scottie Pippen at the end. Marc Cuban is probably the most popular owner of any pro sport in North America
9. Little Penny-a great creation in the 90s for the best NBA related commercials ever
8. Power Dancers (cheerleaders)-unfortunately not all of them are beautiful, so I only like a few of them from each team each year
7. Amazing athleticism-this is what everyone likes, including those who don't watch basketball regularly, all the spectacular dunks and circus shots (I don't like the lucky ones though, just the ones that the shot came out exactly as planned by the player)
6. A great pass-whether it is Steve Nash on the run or Shaq on the post, when a nice pass occurred, I love it. There are fewer good passer than dunker in the league.
5. Toronto Raptors-they are the only team left in Canada
4. Yao Ming-the "Great Wall" has a bright future ahead of him
3. Vancouver Grizzlies-I will always be a Vancouver Grizzlies fan and never a Memphis Grizziles fan
2. Scottie Pippen, Air Pippen II and Air Pippen IV basketball shoes-my favourtie player of all time because of his ability to do everything that could help a team win a basketball game. These two pair of shoes are simply the coolest looking shoes ever designed and I personally own a pair of Air Pippen II retro, they are so comfortable
1. nba basketball game-I liked every game, even blow outs(for those I only like the part before the losing team gave up) just the best sport in the world

What I Don't Like about the NBA
10. Imbalance of power-the two best teams don’t always meet in the NBA Finals. I don’t know what the eastern conference’s G.M.’s were doing. Hopefully, well Brian Colangelo going to the Raptors is a start. But since the western conference is so strong, their weaker teams seem to have the worst record in the NBA and have the best chance in winning the draft lottery for the best rookie, the Portland Trail-Blazers last year and the Memphis Grizzlies this year. What I don't like is that, in where I live, I get to watch the eastern conference teams play more often on tv and I want to see the western conference games
9. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant-they are like the New York Yankees and Manchester United, you either love them or hate them.
8. The James family-those commercials are so lame
7. long range buzzer beater-being half of the top 10 plays of the week, every week, is just un-acceptable. I don’t think a long range buzzer beater is a spectacular play in general
6. “Everybody clap your hands”-most use by the Charlotte Bobcats, it just sound so stupid and incredibly annoying
5. Isaiah Thomas-he just shouldn’t be a G.M., not just wasted the Knicks' money but ruining the younger players' career that are with the Knicks organization. He just keep on trading in bad contracts with the Knicks' high draft pick then over paid for free agents in the off season. The Knicks will struggle in the years to come
4. biased home team commentator-they are so brain washed, sometimes sound like a complete idiot
3. when referees call a blocking foul inside the restricted area-read my other article "The "no-charge" zone"
2. I don’t live in a NBA city and don’t get to watch the games in person
1. Steve Francis and the Memphis Grizzlies (especially David Heisley)

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