Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teams and Players that I like(d)

Players that I like, on top of being a good offensively, he also need to be a good defensive player as well and bring his defense every minute of the game, not just the last few pocessions. This is because when I first starting to enjoy basketball, I get to watch Scottie Pippen play.

At the beginning of my basketball career (12 or grade 7)
That was the 1995/96 NBA season, so naturally I am a Chicago Bulls fan. That is the first full year that MJ came back to basketball and the Bulls went on to a best regular season record ever (72-10) and won the championship. I began as a MJ fan but midway through the season I quickly became a Scottie Pippen fan and Scottie is now my all time favourite player, because of his ability to do everything, and willingness to sacrafice his offensive statistics (mainly points production), he let Jordan get the necessary scoring but Pippen would do everything else. I was further drawn to become a Scottie Pippen fan in the 97 and 98 NBA finals when Pippen would start by defending Greg Ostertag (7-foot center) then defend John Stockton during line up changes due to substitutions between 1st and 2nd period as well as 3rd and 4th period, and finally in the closing stages of a close game, Pippen would get the assignment of Karl Malone. Who else could defend Stockton and Malone, these two play a completely different role, let alone both are in the list of 50 greatest player of all time, who knew every trick in their position. Who else would ever have such versatility?
Another team that I liked at that time was the Vancouver Grizzlies, I just came to Canada so I figured I will take a new Canada base team as well. Even though they always had a losing season, I always loved them. And naturally I very much dislike Steve Francis, I hated him till this day and I am very happy to see him "sucking" with the New York Knicks.

The transition years
Well MJ retire for the second time and Bulls is over in 1998/99 season, Pippen left the Bulls for Houston so I follow him to be a Rockets fan and continue to cheer for the Grizzlies.
After the 98/99 season, Pippen was traded to Portland, so I become a Trail Blazers fan and the Grizzlies drafted Steve Francis with the second overall pick. Steve Francis don't want to play for the Grizzlies and the Grizzlies had no choice but trade him away to the Rockets, I go from a Rockets fan(Pippen factor) to hating them because of that.
2001/02 season, the Grizzlies is moving to Memphis, it was very sad and I will never be a Grizzlies fan no more, I could only follow Scottie Pippen but he is getting old and not a dominant player like he once was. That's when Vince Carter is at his prime with the Toronto Raptors, I could maybe become a Raptors fan, but I didn't, I just never like Carter that much even though he make spectacular plays but he doesn't have the defensive ability and isn't blue collar player that I liked.
2002/03 season, the Rockets use their 1st overall pick to get Yao Ming, I like him because I am Chinese, but he is now playing with Steve Francis, so I was just a Yao Ming fan but not a Rockets fan.

What a year
2004/05 season, the Rockets traded Francis for Tracy McGrady, I could finally become a Rockets fan and now I have a team to cheer for. In the middle of the season VC want out and the Raptors had became CB4's team and I could be a Raptors fan too. What a good year in basketball!!! I like both teams up until now and I think I would continue to like them in the future.

And during those transition years, I start to really enjoy the John Stockton plays, he was so efficient and his decision making on the court is second to none. One thing that people often forgotten about Stockton is how tough he is, he is probably the best at setting screens, I mean he is a 6'2" point guard, who would set screens for Karl Malone. Another player that was not mention but I really like is Tayshaun Prince, he is someone who will do whatever it takes to win games, very much like Scottie Pippen, but lacking the offensive skills a little.
My three favourite players of all time are 1.Scottie Pippen, T-2.John Stockton, T-2Michael Jordan
My three favourite players now are 1.Yao Ming, 2.Chris Bosh, 3.Tayshaun Prince

Other Sports team and players
Football (soccer) the Holland (Netherlands) national team, and my favourite player of all time is Dennis Bergkamp
In hockey I like the Ottawa Senators because I started watching hockey when I decided to join the fantasy hockey league with Yahoo and I win my league due to good statistics of Patrick Lalime. And my favourite player after watching hockey for a bit is Zdeno Chara the big defenceman.

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