Thursday, April 12, 2007

My all time NBA dream team

Enough about me, lets begin to talk about basketball.

How the players are selected
As we see in the olympics and world championships, top players don't result in best team, that is why the American team is losing. I am too young to judge players from the 80s and before, so I am picking the more recent players. I want this team to be a team that could work together as a team and win against any other team that you could think of so I am picking players with the original dream as the base (starting lineup) and then pick some unselfish players.

Starting Line up
pg: John Stockton => most assist and steals ever in the NBA
sg: Michael Jordan => best basketball player of all time
sf: Scottie Pippen => my favourit player, the ultimate team and winning first mentality
pf: Kevin Garnett => better than 20ppg / 10rpg / 5apg for 6 straight year when
had some decent teamates
c: David Robinson => great defensive and offensive center, tough call for Hakeem Olajuwon
In this starting line up, there is plenty of offence and top defencive players of respective positions too. Basically all five could do it all, post up(except stockton), shoot from the outside and run the floor as well as players that could score but do not need the glory of scoring (Stockton, Pippen and Robinson). Jordan, Pippen and Garnett are triple-double threat, Stockton and Rbinson get double-double regularly. Hakeem Olajuwon and Tim Duncan are tough to cut from the starting line up but I thought "The Admiral" is a little taller than "The Dream" and "The Big Ticket" is better on fast breaks than "The Big Fundamental"

The Back Ups
pg: Steve Nash => great on the open floor, not as good defensively but other players in this
team will be able to cover up his mistakes
sg: Kobe Bryant => one of the great offensive player of all time, don't like his personality, but
no doubt about his basketball ability
pf: Tim Duncan => great all around player in a great system, always pick up his game in the
playoffs, the only thing I don't like is slacking off a bit during season
c: Hakeem Olajuwon => same as David Robinson, and better shot blocker
util: Shaquille O'Neal => he is the diesel, no one could stop him since Robinson and Olajuwon retired
util: Penny Hardaway and sf: Grant Hill => these two were great players prior to their injuries and I had always liked them but unfortunately they were injuried at their prime and
would be replace by LeBron James and Chris Bosh/Dwayne Wade in a few years

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