Monday, October 8, 2007

Triangle Offense

The offensive strategy created by Tex winter that help Phil Jackson earn accolades of "best coach ever" and 9 championship rings

The biggest difference in triangle offense comparing to other offensive strategies is that it is never a set play. The ball goes to the skill player (usually into the high post [ most difficult place to defend]) and a couple of guys would start cutting through screens to get open and the player with the ball gets to make a decision each time, 1) which of the two guys coming out of the screens to pass to, 2) if the screener get open, pass to them or 3) create a shot himself. So triangle offense really depends on the skill player to make the correct decision and since it is not a set play, his teammates wouldn't know where the ball would go and shot come from so they need to react quickly to know where and when to attempt to get the offensive rebound and who to run back to prevent fast break opportunity from the opposing team.

The triangle offense really stress passing and players movement without the ball, and again since it is never a set play, this causes problems for the opposing team. Players' basketball IQ and chemistry within the team are also very important.